Verify validityBase (vBase) dataset commitments for S3 objects. 
Verifies timestamped signatures (commitments) for one or more S3 objects. 
A commitment proves that an object was known to a user at a given point-in-time
and belonged to a given dataset.
Such commitments establish provenance and PIT accuracy of datasets and its records.
verify_s3_objects [-h] --dataset_name DATASET_NAME --bucket BUCKET [--key_prefix KEY_PREFIX]
                  [--key_pattern KEY_PATTERN] [--use_aws_access_key] [--verbose] [--test]

verify_s3_objects optional arguments

  • -h, --help - show this help message and exit

  • --dataset_name DATASET_NAME - vBase dataset to verify (default: None)

  • --bucket BUCKET - S3 bucket name containing dataset records (default: None)

  • --key_prefix KEY_PREFIX - S3 object key prefix: If supplied, objects matching the prefix will be used to verify commitments. (default: None)

  • --key_pattern KEY_PATTERN - S3 object key pattern: If supplied, objects matching the wildcard pattern will be used to verify commitments. (default: None)

  • --use_aws_access_key - use AWS authentication: If specified, AWS Access Key defined in .env will be used. In this case, .env must define AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY variables.

  • --verbose - verbose output

  • --test - use a test vBase contract